What’s your cancellation policy?

We can cancel and provide a full refund up to 24 hours before your booking. Bookings cancelled less than 24 hours out can be rescheduled/held as credit but aren’t eligible for a refund.

Can we take drinks into the escape room?

We don’t permit drinks into the escape room. This is to protect the electronics in the room from accidental spills.

What’s all this ‘Professor B’ stuff?

While many Escape Rooms venues include theming and backstory to their rooms, Breakout is unique in that all 5 of our Escape Rooms, as well as the venue itself, take place inside a grand narrative!  Piece together the clues hidden in each room, and uncover the story for yourself! While each room has it’s own challenges, there is a much bigger mystery to solve….

Is the room reserved for just my group?

Yes!  To make sure you have the best experience we reserve the whole room just for your group, be that 2 people or the full 8.

Is it scary?

We take pride in creating immersive, atmospheric experiences, however, we refrain from using jump scares or live actors. Medieval, Into the Machine and The Future contain very little to no horror theming, and are suitable for everyone.

Do we have to book?

Yes, we recommend booking online to secure your space. 

Will we get any help during the game?

If you want or need it yes.  Our game master will be monitoring your progress and is on hand to provide extra help or fix problems to make sure everyone has the best experience possible.

What if i’m not good at puzzles?

Everyone is better at solving certain types of problems.  There are many different types of problems, clues and puzzles.  Some are very practical and skill based, while others are more thinking problems.  In short, we find that different people are good at different problems, so working together is the best solution.

I’m in a wheelchair, can i play?

Yes, however we request that you contact us prior to booking so we can make arrangements for access to the building. Entry to the venue is only available via stairs however we have options to assist with access.

But i’m claustrophobic!

Don’t worry, the rooms are large and you can leave at any time.  Please call us to discuss this if you have concerns.