The Chrononaught’s Delight

The Chrononaught’s (kron-oh-nawts) Delight is our most popular and difficult to pronounce cocktail.

A dizzying take on the classic Fruit Tingle served up with a popping candy rim to contain the beautiful shimmering concoction. To make it you’ll need a couple of things you won’t find in your average bottle shop.

Ingredients & Equipment:

– 30ml Vodka
– 30ml Lime Juice
– 15ml Blue Curacao
– 15ml Raspberry Cordial
– Popping Candy (find in Coles/Woollies)

– Pearl Dust (find in Spotlight)
– Sugar Syrup
– Martini Glass
– Cocktail Shaker
– Ice

1) Rim the martini glass with popping candy using sugar syrup, as you would a Margartia with lime juice and salt. Set aside for later.
2) To your shaker add vodka, blue curacao, lime juice and raspberry cordial, with a tiny pinch of pearl dust.
3) Add ice, replace the shaker top and shake.
4) Strain into your prepared glass and serve.