Escape Rooms

Step into ‘The Machine’ and be transported to another time and place, uncover the clues, solve the riddles and help the Professor search for his lost love Tessadora.  Each escape room is it’s own puzzle but also part of the overall story.

Escape rooms are suitable for 2 – 8 people and you have 60 minutes to escape.  Including briefing time allow 1.5 hours.


Travel back to the days of King Arthur and the Knights and help retrieve the Sword of Kings – Excalibur!

The Tomb

The Tomb has been lost to the ages! The Professor recieved a tip to explore a new location so he's currently priming his machine to the future! Keep an eye out for updates, he'll let us know as soon as he's done!

Da Vinci’s Notebook

Search the office of famous symbolist , crack the codes and help recover the missing notebook of the famous Leonardo Da Vinci.

The Mad Scientist

What is the Mad Scientist Dr Lawrence Volodymyr up to?  Can you help the professor find out?  And does he have anything to do with the disappearance of Tessa?

The Asylum

Search the abandoned Asylum and solve the murder!  Many poor souls have lost their nerve (and their mind) in this dreadful place, so be warned, this is only for adventurers with nerves of steel!