Escape Rooms

Step into ‘The Machine’ and be transported to another time and place! Uncover the clues, solve the riddles and help the Professor search for his lost love Tessadora. Each self-contained adventure will also bring you one step closer to unravelling the mystery.

An escape room is an experience truly unlike any other. You and your team will have 60 minutes to find the way out of your room. The only thing standing between you and escaping? A series of puzzles designed to test your problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork and communication skills! Work together, solve all the puzzles, and emerge victorious!

Each escape room can accommodate a group of between 2-8, but designed they’re for 4-6 players for the best experience. Each escape room is $35pp.

In addition to the 60 minutes spent in the escape room, your booking will include some time beforehand to relax in our fully equipped cocktail bar, and a short briefing, so we recommend allowing a minimum of 1.5 hours from start to finish. If your group contains under 18’s please be sure to check our U18’s policy before booking.

Medieval Quest

Travel back to the days of King Arthur and the Knights and help retrieve the Sword of Kings - Excalibur! 2/5 Difficulty

The Future

The Professor has received a mysterious note instructing him to go to the future. Could it possibly a clue to Tessa's disappearance? You must go for him, but what will you find, and will you be able to return? Who knows what the future holds... 4/5 Difficulty!

Motel 666

Spend a night at Motel 666 solving the mysteries of murder and betrayal. If you're lucky you might even check out in the morning... 6/5 Difficulty

Into The Machine

An explosion has rocked the Machine, breaking it and the flow of time! The Professor entered to repair the damage but has suddenly gone missing. Now it’s up to you - repair the Machine, save the Professor, and with him, the flow of time itself! 3/5 Difficulty

The Asylum

Search the abandoned Asylum and solve the murder!  Many poor souls have lost their nerve (and their mind) in this dreadful place, so be warned, this is only for adventurers with nerves of steel! 2/5 Difficulty