The Cocktail Lab

Welcome to The Lab!

The Lab at Breakout co-venture between Breakout and The Blend, and is home to specialised cocktail equipment not found anywhere else in the Illawarra!
We also host weekly Masterclasses for cocktails and whiskey, and regular hospitality industry events!
Everyone is welcome in the Lab to come learn and discover with us. See you soon!

Cocktail Masterclass

Learn the secrets of shaking and stirring as you make three cocktails in a 90 minute hands on experience! 
We're all about having a bit of fun and with a dash of learning while enjoying tasty drinks you've created!

Whiskey Masterclass

Distill the mysteries of one of the oldest and most intruiging spirits; Whiskey!
We'll sip, discuss and enjoy five variants from around the world. Each will explore a differnet aspect of just what makes the spirit unique, going through grains, distillation, region and more.

Industry Events

The Lab is availble for all types of industy events! Be it a competition, product showcase or something totally wild we're keen to collaborate and give back to the hospitality community!
If you drop us an email at the link below with an idea of what you're looking to do and some dates we'll get in touch to discuss how we can work together!

The Cocktail Lab was created with the mission to provide education, enrichment and enjoyment to the Wollongong hospitality community and its guests.

It wouldn't have been possible without the generous support of The Blend & Beam Suntory.

We're also available for private events, functions, and more. Contact us at and see what we can do!