Da Vinci’s Notebook

Search the office of famous symbolist , crack the codes and help recover the missing notebook of the famous Leonardo Da Vinci. 4/5 Difficulty

Hi there! Before booking please note the following conditions due to ongoing social distancing requirements:
  • Escape rooms now have a MAX. 6 person occupancy.
  • Unless you have a table booking, please don’t arrive early to your escape/karaoke room booking. If we are at capacity you won’t be able to enter the venue.
  • If you want to have drinks before/after your escape or karaoke room we HIGHLY recommend booking a table at the bar. If we don’t have space you won’t be permitted to stay.
  • Karaoke rooms now have a MAX. 4 person occupancy.
  • We are now CASHLESS. All payments must be made by card, cash will not be accepted.
  • And, as always, NO U18s allowed on site past 6pm.
Thanks for your understanding, and we’ll see you soon!