Under 18’s

While everyone is welcome at Breakout, we have a few extra rules for folks under 18 to ensure we meet our Legal and Safety requirements.

If you’re planning on visiting Breakout, either with under 18’s or as one yourself, please take time to carefully read the rules below:

  1. After 6pm no minors are permitted on the premises.
    This is a condition of our liquor licence and is non-negotiable. Please note that our Escape Rooms take 1 hour 15 minutes to complete, so the latest booking time for U18’s is 4:45pm.
  2. All minors must be accompanied by a Responsible Adult while on the premises. A Responsible Adult can be a parent, legal guardian or other supervising adult, but cannot simply be an 18 year old friend of the same peer group. Responsible adults must remain on the premises while minors are present, but do not have to be in the same section. (Eg. A parent may remain in the bar area while a group of 16 year olds they are supervising are in an Escape Room)
  3. The minimum age to participate in an escape room is 12 years old. Our rooms are tailored for adults, and our experience has found that children below 12 do not tend to enjoy the experience. In addition, some of our rooms contain props that, if mishandled, can cause harm to children or others. Under 12’s are however welcome to participate in Karaoke!
  4. Groups of younger participants (ages 12 to 14) must be accompanied by a responsible adult in the escape room.
  5. Groups of older participants (ages 15-17) may participate in the room without the direct supervision of their responsible adult. The responsible adult must remain on the premises.
  6. Finally, we ask all guests, under and over 18, to conduct themselves appropriately. We are delighted to welcome any and all guests at Breakout. We aim to provide a wonderful experience, and humbly request all our guests assistance in doing so. We ask you be mindful of other guests and the atmosphere while visiting, and avoid  causing undue disruption. If you are under 18, we understand this is likely your first time visiting a cocktail bar. Allow us to guide you through that experience.

If you are unsure about any of the information above or have any questions, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.