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Welcome to Breakout Bar & Escape Rooms Wollongong

Welcome to Breakout Bar & Escape Rooms, a completely unique adventure!  Experience state of the art escape rooms, belt out a song in our private karaoke rooms, and relax with a drink in our cocktail lounge - home of the enigmatic Professor B.

Breakout is an immersive and interactive live adventure game where you are part of the story.

The Story

Professor B (a quirky genius) has invented a time machine and built it smack bang in the middle of his home. He and his fiancé, Tessadora, have been merrily tripping throughout time and space, visiting various important people, and generally having a good time. But a few years ago, the Professor and Tessa started to get a strange feeling, like they were being watched. Not soon after, they noticed odd things starting to happen…and now Tessadora has completely vanished! The Professor is distraught and asks you, brave traveller, to retrace his journeys through time and look for clues as to the whereabouts of his missing fiancé. Do you have what it takes? Can you unravel the mysteries and help the Professor find his lost love? Only time will tell!

How It Works

Pick your team

Get a group of 2 - 10 people together, choose your adventure and book in.

Time is ticking

Be transported by the Professors machine to another time and place in history.

Receiving Clues

Work together to search for clues, solve the puzzles and ponder the riddles.

Try to escape

You have one hour to complete the challenge and return home.  Can you escape the room?

Escape Rooms

Medieval Quest

Travel back to the days of King Arthur and the Knights and help retrieve the Sword of Kings - Excalibur! 2/5 Difficulty

The Future

The Professor has received a mysterious note instructing him to go to the future. Could it possibly a clue to Tessa's disappearance? You must go for him, but what will you find, and will you be able to return? Who knows what the future holds... 4/5 Difficulty!

Motel 666

Spend a night at Motel 666 solving the mysteries of murder and betrayal. If you're lucky you might even check out in the morning... 6/5 Difficulty

Into The Machine

An explosion has rocked the Machine, breaking it and the flow of time! The Professor entered to repair the damage but has suddenly gone missing. Now it’s up to you - repair the Machine, save the Professor, and with him, the flow of time itself! 3/5 Difficulty

The Asylum

Search the abandoned Asylum and solve the murder!  Many poor souls have lost their nerve (and their mind) in this dreadful place, so be warned, this is only for adventurers with nerves of steel! 2/5 Difficulty