Health Benefits of Escape Rooms

Can escape rooms have health benefits? Absolutely! They aren’t just a fun activity for you and your friends or work colleagues to enjoy. They also encourage an active mind!

Here are 4 different ways escape rooms can provoke thinking and foster an active intellect:

1. Oh, the things you will learn
It’s part of human nature to seek knowledge. Escape rooms are usually full of new and interesting things that will teach you something you never knew before. Whether it be about how to break a code, interact with a certain technology or even something about yourself!

2. Your senses are piqued
As soon as you enter an escape room, you are placed in the centre of the action and any of your senses could be called upon! These rooms pique the senses, which anchors you in the present moment, heightening your focus and developing concentration.

3. Increased memory ability
Entering the realm of escape rooms is an excellent way to keep training your mind to remember things and stay active. Interacting with codes, language puzzles and symbols has been proven to be a terrific way to boost memory recall!

4. Unique thought process
The human brain is especially adapted to recognise patterns and connections. Escape rooms help develop this as well as encourage you to think outside the box, allowing you to develop new ways of thinking and solving problems! It’s a fun way to make sure you don’t ‘lose it because you didn’t use it’.
So, if you want to start experiencing an activity that will be not only fun but beneficial for your mind book an escape room! And as any escape room junkie will tell you, you won’t regret it…